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Our countertop master craftsman here at Countertops San Diego has extensive knowledge and experience working with any type of natural stone. We consider him the Picasso of the custom countertop manufacturing process. With thousands of countertops we at Countertops San Diego have completed, we can guarantee you will get a custom granite countertop or any other type of natural stone countertop that you can be proud of. Get the longest lasting and most durable natural stone countertop and never worry about placing hot items or cutting on it, ever again. At Countertops San Diego we are proud to be a Caesarstone Authorized Dealer and specialize in CaesarStone Quartz countertops as well.

About San Diego Countertops

At Countertops San Diego, we have our own fabrication plant conveniently located in San Diego Ca. We count on the latest technology used in the custom countertop fabrication industry. We can ensure that your countertop is fabricated with precision and attention to detail is of utmost importance. From the initial demolition stage, we take extra care in protecting your home’s appliance and appearance during the demolition and removal of your current countertop. Once we remove your current countertop, we then take careful steps to ensure that the templates we use to carefully cut your granite, natural stone, or quartz slabs are meticulously crafted. Once complete we take these templates back to our fabrication shop, and usually within two to three days are able to return with you newly crafted custom countertops.



CounterTop San Diego

Our team of dedicated craftsmen, carefully install your countertop to absolute perfection. Cutting holes and polishing them to secure sinks, faucets, and other plumbing requirements today’s modern kitchens and baths require. Once securely in place your countertop is cleaned and the process is complete. So contact us today at (619)259-2291 or, to start your next countertop remodeling project in San Diego, and throughout all of Southern California.



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